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Re: Re: Theos-World TS Organizations

Mar 21, 1999 01:23 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/21/99 5:53:50 PM, you wrote:

<<In the above context, it is also to be noted that all organizational

leaders have avoided getting involved in any discussions that go on on

this maillist as well as on other theosophical maillists, and thus it

appears that the pre Information Technology mentality continues even in

the age of Information Technology.>>


You have made this statement umpteen times on this list, but at last I feel I
have to say a little in defense of the "leaders" of various organizations.
You are right that we have yet to see a high office-holder in the T.S. make
comments on this list.  But I know for a *fact* that they get regular reports
on what is said here, who said it, and what the result was.  Just this weekend
I spoke with the leaders of not one but TWO different associations, and BOTH
persons referenced this list and recent conversations.

The reasons various leaders don't participate here is twofold, I suspect,
though you must understand this is *my supposition* and not their statements.
First, these folks are extremely busy.  I feel very fortunate to talk on the
phone with either one of them once every six months.  Running any organization
is extremely time consuming, and running a T.S. is even more so, since they
are terribly small outfits with a tremendous number of responsibilities.

Secondly, the conversations on this list would hardly ever warrant an
organizational voice.  Most of our conversations are sniping, or desultory
chat, or random questions such as I sometimes ask.  None of these require the
presence of the head of a T.S. to answer.  

If what's happening on this list is so groundbreaking and amazing, why do we
only have 100 or so readers, and why don't all the members of the T.S.s who
meet in person up and leave their groups and join this list?  I myself see
this list as a valuable tool, and I've made a number of friends a learned a
great number of things.  It has been mind-opening.  But I don't think this
list replaces in-person interaction, nor is this list or any other about the
break down organizational barriers, whether this century or next.


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