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Re: Theos-World == What is MAYA ? --

Mar 21, 1999 08:11 AM
by Arnaldo Sisson Filho

Sincere thanks, Dallas, for sharing with us this
marvelous quotation from dearest Damodar.
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Mar 20th 1999
Dear Gerry:
Years ago I found that Damodar K. Mavlankar, one of HPB' earliest and most devoted students in India wrote something very interesting on the understanding of MAYA. I reproduce it below:
"There is only one eternal infinite existence, call it either spirit or matter.  I will, however, call it by the latter name, as that is most suited in its common understanding for what I am to state.
Matter, as you know, we call Maya.  Some say that this thing does not really exist;  but I do not agree to that.  In my opinion it is called Maya simply on account of these transformations.  It is never steady.  The process is ever working.  The one infinite agglomeration of matter is in some of its modes becoming grosser,while in others becoming more sublimated.  The circle is ever turning its round.  Nothing goes out of that circle.  Everything is kept within its bounds by the action of the centripetal and centrifugal forces.  The forms are changing, but the inner substance remains the same.
The action of the centripetal force keeps us to our gross forms, and if we have to etherealize ourselves, we must supply the centrifugal force, which is our will.  And this is the first principle in Occultism.  We must study and know the forces of nature.  Every result must be in proportion to the cause producing it.  We are every minute emitting and attracting atoms of matter.
Now a person who is not an occultist will have various desires, and unconsciously to himself he will produce a cause which will attract to him such atoms of matter as are not suited for his higher progress.  The same way, when he is emitting others, he may give them such a tendency that they will mix with others evilly inclined;  and thus other individualities, which are thus formed, will have to suffer for no fault of theirs.  But an occultist directs both.  He is the master of the situation.  He guides them, and by knowing their action he produces such conditions as are favorable to his obtain "Nirvana."
But what is Nirvana?  By Nirvana I mean a state, and not a locality.  It is that condition in which we are so etherealized that instead of being merely a mode of the Infinite Existence, as at present, we are merged in totality, or,  we become the whole.
Another thing about the advanced Occultist is that he is in a better position to benefit humanity.
The particles of which I am formed have always existed;  yet I donot know in what form they existed before.  Probably they have passed through billions of transformations, [ That all the particles of the matter of our universe have passed through millions of transformations, and been in every sort of form, is an old assertion of the Adepts.]  Why do I not known these?  Because I [as the indestructible individuality] did not supply the force that would have prevented the disintegration of my  [personality in this birth].
I will, if I attain Nirvana, remain there till the action of the force that put me there ceases;  the effort being always in proportion to the cause.  The law of Exhaustion must assert itself.
In passing through this process of etherealization, you all along give a certain tendency to the particles of which you are composed.  This tendency will always assert itself;  and thus in every cycle, or reincarnation, you will have the same advantages, which you can always utilize to soon be free.  And, by remaining longer in the Nirvana state that the generality of humanity, you are comparatively free.  [The comparison made is with the general run of men in all races.  They are not free at any time.]  So every consciousness, which has been once fully developed, must disintegrate, if not prevented by the purity of its successive egos till the Nirvana state is attained.  Now I believe that the full development of my consciousness as [a "Krishna" -- Atma-Buddhi-Manas] is possibly only on this earth, and therefore if I die before that is done, I must be reborn here.  If I reach Nirvana state, even though I am in another body, I shall know myself as {a "Krishna"--the universal Higher SELF.}."
From a Letter written by D. K. Kavlankar and printed by Wm. Q. Judge in PATH Magazine, New York, in January 1896.
Offered by Dallas
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