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Re: Theos-World TS Organizations

Mar 21, 1999 07:40 AM
by Arnaldo Sisson Filho

Whithout exactly desiring to take sides in this
particular dicussion, I want to congratulate Jerry
for this point of view, because it is conducive to
respect among all theosophical organizatins.
Personally, I am a member of the Adyar TS, but I
would certainly love to be a member of the other 
theosophical organizations, because it is not very 
difficult to see, if we study something of history 
seriously, that ALL of them have points to be taken 
into account if we are searching after truth.
That is why I congratulate you Jerry for this message.
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De: Jerry Schueler <>
Para: Theos World <>
Data: Sábado, 20 de Março de 1999 16:28
Assunto: Theos-World TS Organizations

>>I find it somewhat ironic that U.L.T. associates are
generally very skeptical & even sometimes disdainful of the claims of
Mrs Tingley, Mrs Besant, Mr Hargrove, Mr Leadbeater, Mrs Bailey &c, but
apparently accept without question Mr Crosbie's claims.  <<
Why? Doesn't it seem natural that this would be the case,
else why would Crosbie have felt the need to establish a
separate organization? Each TS was established out of a
deep-seated skeptism of its parent organization. Why
is this ironic? Each and every TS currently believes that
it and it alone it best serving the "original" program. This
is perfectly natural, else they would all re-combine back
into a single organization.
Jerry S.

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