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Re: Theos-World Self-Defeating?

Mar 19, 1999 12:37 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/19/99 4:25:33 PM, Peter wrote:

<<>>Do you therefore believe that HPB and her Teachers had a "self defeating"


Jerry responded:

<I believe that they only gave out what they felt would be understood

at the time. The doctrine of moksha and jivamukti would not have been

understood. They had to spend the vast amount of their efforts just 

explaining the basic concepts of karma and reincarnation, which

were pretty much new concepts to the West.>>

This has yet to be fully appreciated by most Theosophists today.  Our
Victorians could barely grasp reincarnation, and were fixated on talking to
dear Mother or Sister from beyond the grave.  There were *no* Buddhists,
Hindus or Taoists in the West.  Almost no one last century except the truly
insightful Theosophists understood even the BASIC doctrines of Theosophy.
We've had a century and more to examine every word, every nuance, and --gasp--
begin comparing Theosophy to other world religions.  To them, it was new and
very, very foreign and difficult to grasp and believe.

Certainly, the Masters had an eye to the future, and the Theosophical
teachings have a derivative benefit to later followers.  But the immediate
cycle They were working with closed in 1897-98.  Blavatsky even tells her
chelas they would have to "renounce all hope of progress" until 1975 if they
didn't achieve a certain level of development -- and of course most did not.  

It is hard for Theosophists to accept that their teachings are *limited* even
though HPB says this herself over and over.  What exactly these limitations
are is a matter for considerable debate.  But quoting Theosophy works as
timeless, holy scriptures, which cannot be compared to anything else on the
planet, only further isolates Theosophy today as a kind of cult, rather than
integrating it into the modern race-mind, as it was intended.  After all,
Theosophy was a gift to the many and for their benefit, not the special
province of the few.

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