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Theos-World RE: Self-Defeating?

Mar 21, 1999 03:01 PM
by Peter Merriott


>>Do you therefore believe that HPB and her Teachers had a "self defeating"

> I believe that they only gave out what they felt would be understood
> at the time. The doctrine of moksha and jivamukti would not have been
> understood. They had to spend the vast amount of their efforts just
> explaining the basic concepts of karma and reincarnation, which
> were pretty much new concepts to the West.

I'm presuming you are refering to the doctrine of moksha and jivamukti as
support for your 'single lifetime enlightenment / liberation view?

You are quite right, of course, that only a certain amount was given out by
HPB and her Teachers.  Yet, along with basic concepts, HPB and her Teachers
gave out some very abstruse and complex doctrines, especially in the Secret
Doctrine.  You yourself say no one understands the GV model, as you call it,
in the SD.

So, I'm not sure I understand what is so difficult about the doctrine of
moksha and jivamukti, compared to these other doctrines.  In relation to the
latter, why would the Teachers deliberately omit moksha & jivamukti for fear
of them being too difficult, as you suggest?

The fact is the Teaching they *did* give out and spend such a lot of energy
on is the 'long term view', a view which you regard as "self defeating".
Also, one of the things HPB definitely said was that to reach enlightenment
in one lifetime was a rare exception.

Its easy for us to say,   "If the Master had said more he would have agreed
with me."

It is much harder for us when what They *did* teach doesn't fit in with what
we want to believe.


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