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Re: Theos-World Psychology

Mar 19, 1999 12:35 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/19/99 4:07:36 PM, Jerry wrote:

<<Modern psychology, excluding

transpersonal, looks at only this life, but it does go far to show why

we do things and how the human mind (manas) works, which

even Theosophy lacks. >>

Jerry, I have discovered that however articulate one may be about defending
modern research, one will still be attacked by those who want *nothing*
studied, practiced or preached which does not come from Theosophy books.

There is some deep-rooted prejudice against *any* field of study which is not
mentioned in HPB's writing, and which appears to have anything to offer
Theosophy.  I think I know why this is: because HPB was allegedly the "great
teacher" of our cycle--so the argument goes--she knew everything of value.
What she didn't mention, doesn't have value.  Thus, readers of Theosophy
assure themselves, modern physics, psychology, comparative religion,
chemistry, linguistics -- all of these are stupid wastes of time.  (Which also
has the unforunate side effect of keeping the faithful in ignorance of modern
thought, whatever its value or lack thereof.)

This reminds me of the attitude of some early Muslims, that all one needed to
know was in the Qur'an.  As soon as these Muslims were in power, they burned
everything else, including the Alexandrian library (which of course had
already been burned by the early Christians the first time.)


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