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Re: RE: RE: Theos-World Nirvana and appropriation

Mar 19, 1999 12:39 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/19/99 9:12:14 AM, Peter wrote:

<<That reminds me of what HPB writes about Atman:

"As this [Atman] can neither be located nor limited in philosophy, being

simply that which is in Eternity, and which cannot be absent from even the

tiniest geometrical or mathematical point of the universe of matter or

substance, it ought not to be called, in truth, a "human" principle at all.

Rather, and at best, it is in Metaphysics, that point in space which the

human Monad and its vehicle man occupy for the period of every life. Now

that point is as imaginary as man himself, and in reality is an illusion, a

maya; but then for ourselves, as for other personal Egos, we are a reality

during that fit of illusion called life, and we have to take ourselves into

account, in our own fancy at any rate, if no one else does.">>

Peter, what a terrific quote.  Do you remember offhand where you found it?
I'd rather save a few hours of search if you happen to have it at hand.
Thanks for your kind reply.


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