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Theos-World What Good are OBEs.

Mar 16, 1999 06:32 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<I am sure that many have gone there, but what
have they secured?
Do they live better lives?  Do they use whatever they experienced
for the betterment of humanity ?  What is the ethical and moral
value of such adventure ?

Fair question. I can only speak for myself. I learned one
very valuable lesson by doing this--that we are always
conscious of something. Consciousness, per se, goes
on wherever we are, 24 hours, never ending. Our sense
of identity changes all the time, but consciousness per se
goes on forever. This lesson has given me a sense of 
peace and contentment that I did not have before. 
Reading it in books didn't help me
because I had to take it on faith. Now I know, and am
content and have no fear of death because I know
that consciousness survives everything. There are
other lessons, but this has probably been the most 
important to me.

Jerry S.


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