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Theos-World Forgiveness

Mar 16, 1999 06:21 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>To me your answer is even more puzzling.  Do you mean that the
personal self forgives itself?  They why make errors to begin
with ?>>

Dallas, yes, the personal self has to forgive others as well
as itself. Guilt, remorse, regret, and so on are all karmic
binders that have to be dispelled. Logically, if we have
lived countless lifetimes, it can be asumed that we have all
done terrible things countless times in the past. We will 
never ever be able to "undo" all of them and the concept
that we have to is what keeps the Wheel of Life going
around and around forever. But forgiveness, when
sincere, can end remorse, guilt, regret, shame, and so on.

>>And how does "forgiving" in any way take the KARMA OF
RESPONSIBILITY and of future suffering (atonement) either
voluntary or forced by immutable Law, away ?  Further how does
the offender take care of the offended ?  How is justice served
it hat regard?>>

Justice is never served by an eye for an eye. I do not
believe that for a moment. Perhaps in a short term sense,
but never in any long term meaningful way. But if a
criminal really and truly changes and is sorry, has learned
their lesson and will likely never do it again, then justice
is truly served and what good does punishment do?

When you speak of atonement and "future suffering"
whom do you suppose is doing this? Is there a god with
a gun to our head making us enter into a bad life to
suffer for our past doings? I don't think so. We do it
to ourselves. We pick out our own lives and live them
according to our guilts, fears, loves, regrets, desires,
and so on. Future lives of some kind will continue so
long as these impetus forces within us continue.
Grace comes from our Higher Self, when we are
ready to receive it. Forgiveness of others and of 
ourselves goes a long way to decreasing these
propelling forces so that we can enter a new life
consciously and deliberately rather than karmically.

Jerry S.


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