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Theos-World Response to Mark

Mar 16, 1999 06:38 AM
by Gerald Schueler

I would question also, whether it is even possible to consciously
perceive an archetypal symbol in action upon us, (whether from within or
without) without personalizing it into a sign, by Jung's definition. >>

Well, it is easier to see it in others than in oneself. But Jung
did so, and said that we all should be able to do this.

>>I don't believe that we have a conscious relationship with the
archetypes but through such a personal interpretation. >>

I agree that this is so for the vast majority of people.

>>It's the understanding of the difference among any particular signs
and the commonality of the underlying archetype that humanizes and
breeds both brotherhood and compassion. Would you agree?

Agreed. Thanks Mark.

Jerry S.


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