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Theos-World More on Karma

Mar 16, 1999 06:47 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>Do you mean that "forgiving" is you or I will escape the Karma of our
wrong actions ?  This is what I am questioning>>

Dallas, according to G de Purucker, whom I greatly admire
and respect, karma acts on each plane of our 7-plane solar
system, so that there is physical karma, astral karma, mental
karma, spiritual karma, and so on. When you talk about
"our wrong actions" you are talking about physical karma.
Actions generally express our thoughts and emotions, so
my feeling here is that astral and mental karma are much
more important than physical karma. When thinking
and thus motivation change, we simply have to forgive
past actions. To do otherwise is not only unChristian but
also unTheosophical. I do not subscribe to the notion
that each and every past action has to be re-dressed
in the future. This is, I think, a pernicious idea that holds
us to the Wheel of Life forever as endless prisoners. I
do, however, subscribe to the notion that every mind
must change from selfishness to compassion for others.
It is astral and mental karma that must be addressed, not
physical karma.

Jerry S.


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