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RE: Theos-World More on Karma = "forgiveness" and the Redress of Victims

Mar 16, 1999 10:41 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

March 16th

Dear Gerry:

			How and where does Karma work for Individuals ?

Very difficult to understand all or to fit in with our education,
and some aspects are actually and seemingly repugnant to our own

For understanding, one may fragment the understanding of KARMA as
GdeP does.  But what good does it do ?  WE are taught that all
Karma is generated primarily in our emotional nature (Kama) -
desire and passion.  Then the lower mind ( Kama-Manas) is invoked
to seek ways and means of implementing what are unethical

If Karma is a universal and impartial law that rules the whole of
everything, then why should any transgression against honesty,
fairness, openness, "treating others as we would be treated,"
etc.. have exceptions ?

I always ask myself about the VICTIMS.  How is their sorrow and
pain, or loss violently taken from them by actions thoughts and
feelings of ill-will get adjusted, compensated, etc. ?  What are
"accidents ?"  [ I find that HPB addresses this in THE KEY TO
THEOSOPHY in several places. ]  She finds no reason to
legitimately set KARMA as fairness and justice aside for the
special benefit, whether remembered or not of anyone.

In such reading of GdeP as I have done, I have not found him to
contradict this basic statement.

But, personally I rely on HPB who first did all the teaching of
any of the new crop of 'Theosophists" that emerged from the
masses in 1874 and after including Olcott, Judge, Damodar, Subba
Rao, Sinnett, and the rest.  All of those relied on HPB and the
Masters' writings (which came through her).  As to later writers
(including myself) they either did or did not obey the humble
declaration of the Buddhist Monk-teachers, and preface their
statements:  "Thus have I heard...."

I can only see the following as apposite:

The Universe runs under immutable laws

The Universe is eternal in the ultimate sense and boundless and

Human Monads are portions of that ONENESS.

Every being of what ever kind is an integral part of the ONENESS.

differences mirror their individual level of progress.

There is an infinity of time within which to accomplish the long
pilgrimage that leads to ALL-KNOWINGNESS, or

On this Procrustean bed how does "forgiveness" shape up?

To me it is delusionary in all senses.

Neither NATURE (the Univese) nor "WE" ever "forget."

Our Personality of this life would very much like to escape the
proddings of remorse and the memory of faults and errors.  How
does it set itself up to do this impossible task?  It invents
ways and means of securing some cozy corner in the fields of
belief and starts to build a castle of "denial," and of

But we need to recognize this and ask ourselves, for our own
"good' :  why dos it do that, and what permanency does such a
defence and denial give it ?

If we are immortals does this carry over to the next life?  Is it
of any value to the next "personality" in our series hatched out

WE all seek for truth.  What is the truth of the matter not the

Who defends the rights of the victims to secure for them
equitable redress ?

If we made the error of acting as "agents" for their "bad Karma,"
then need we have done so?  [ SD I 643 ] gives the area of
reference to the operation of this aspect of Karma and ourselves.

I have so much trouble with what I feel may be partial concepts.



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>>Do you mean that "forgiving" is you or I will escape the Karma
of our
wrong actions ?  This is what I am questioning>>

Dallas, according to G de Purucker, whom I greatly admire
and respect, karma acts on each plane of our 7-plane solar
system, so that there is physical karma, astral karma, mental
karma, spiritual karma, and so on. When you talk about
"our wrong actions" you are talking about physical karma.
Actions generally express our thoughts and emotions, so
my feeling here is that astral and mental karma are much
more important than physical karma. When thinking
and thus motivation change, we simply have to forgive
past actions. To do otherwise is not only unChristian but
also unTheosophical. I do not subscribe to the notion
that each and every past action has to be re-dressed
in the future. This is, I think, a pernicious idea that holds
us to the Wheel of Life forever as endless prisoners. I
do, however, subscribe to the notion that every mind
must change from selfishness to compassion for others.
It is astral and mental karma that must be addressed, not
physical karma.

Jerry S.

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