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Theos-World More on Karma

Mar 17, 1999 08:07 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>The notion that we can disolve our Karma along with the 'defilements'
seems, to me, to be a variation on the Christian theme where we can live
an immoral life, doing great harm to others, providing we have
forgiveness at the end.>>

Well, I agree that the Moll Flanders or Darth Vader approach 
doesn't work. Probably the best example I can think of here
is Milarepa, the great Tibetan saint and yogi who eliminated
his personal karma in a single lifetime. His life was not an
easy one. He toiled, studied, etc for long years until at least
he was enlightened. It is not a life that many of us would care
to go through, but it does demonstrate the possibility.

>>Actually it is slightly worse, for what seems to be suggested is that
we don't even have to ask for forgiveness.  We simply need to forgive
ourselves in order to absolve ourselves of our deeds and their

Forgiveness is an important ingredient in karma consumption,
but it is not the only ingredient. 

>Theosophy would say that the man is still Karmically responsible for
the consequences of his actions even if he became an Arhat in that very

I think that the real key to understanding this whole topic
is in the definition of "Karmically responsible."  I am sure that
Dallas and I would have different meanings for this phrase.

>>HPB writes in the Key to Theosophy, Section 11:
"Karma gives back to every man the actual consequences of his own
actions, without any regard to their moral character; but since he
receives his due for all, it is obvious that he will be made to atone
for all sufferings which he has caused, just as he will reap in joy and
gladness the fruits of all the happiness and harmony he had helped to

I have no problem with this quote. However, karma can be
consumed or eliminated in a single lifetime as evidenced
by both Hindu and Buddhist teachings as well as the lives
of Milarepa and others. HPB chose not to go into this.
Hope this helps, Peter.

Jerry S.

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