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Theos-World Spiritual Selfishness

Mar 16, 1999 06:09 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>(*This is why, as I understand it, the Prateyaka Buddhas are regarded
as selfish.  Because once merged into Nirvana they can have no more
effect on the conditioned wolrd of cause and effect, until the next
'round', manvantara.)>>

This is, I think, a misconception. Samsara and Nirvana act
as polar opposites. When matter is strong, we tend toward
the Arc of Descent. When spirit becomes strong, we tend
toward the Arc of Ascent. Spirit becomes "strong" as
Buddhas enter it, like suns shining continuously. Any
one becomig a Buddha is automatically helping us by
increasing the spiritual current behind the universe.

According to Tibetan Buddhism, the Pratyekabuddha is
"selfish" because she has not developed compassion
for others, but rather sees others as maya.

Jerry S.


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