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RE: Theos-World Forgiveness

Mar 16, 1999 06:14 AM
by Peter Merriott

Dear Dal, Mark & Jerry,

I think I can understand Dal's puzzlement here.

I wonder if Mark And Jerry are mixing together two different things  -
states of mind and Karma?

As I understand it, various Buddhist and Yoga practices maintain that the
energy associated with certain 'wholesome' states of mind can uproot and
destroy the 'impurities', 'defilements' that exist in the mind.  However, we
also have to be careful not to re-create them.

But as far as the consequences (Karma) following on from our prevous
actions - these remain.

The notion that we can disolve our Karma along with the 'defilements' seems,
to me, to be a variation on the Christian theme where we can live an immoral
life, doing great harm to others, providing we have forgiveness at the end.
Actually it is slightly worse, for what seems to be suggested is that we
don't even have to ask for forgiveness.  We simply need to forgive ourselves
in order to absolve ourselves of our deeds and their consequences.

The analogy that comes to mind for me is as follows.  In his desire to harm
others, a man fires a rocket on a nearby city.  While the rocket is in the
air the man has a complete change of heart.  He  realises the error of his
ways and forgives both himself and his neighbours for past harm done.  Just
after this the rocket lands, killing many, and causing suffering to the
lives of thousands for generations to come.

Theosophy would say that the man is still Karmically responsible for the
consequences of his actions even if he became an Arhat in that very

HPB writes in the Key to Theosophy, Section 11:

"Karma gives back to every man the actual consequences of his own actions,
without any regard to their moral character; but since he receives his due
for all, it is obvious that he will be made to atone for all sufferings
which he has caused, just as he will reap in joy and gladness the fruits of
all the happiness and harmony he had helped to produce."



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