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Theos-World Atma, Buddhi, and Karma

Mar 16, 1999 06:04 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>"Neither Atma nor Buddhi are ever reached by Karma, because the former
is the highest aspect of Karma, its working agent of ITSELF in one
aspect, and the other is unconscious on this plane.">>

Peter, HPB's words above can be taken in several ways. Karma
begins with Atma, above the Abyss and within the three highest
planes of our 7-plane system.  She is implying here that our
entire 7 plane system is karmic, and that therefore even
nirvana is karmic. This is in agreement with Dzog Chen or
Great Perfection.

The word "reached" is tricky here, because we already
are spiritual, and already have atman and buddhi, and so
"reaching" can be equated to becoming aware of what is
already there. This is in agreement with the teaching that
a Buddha is simply a human being who is fully aware (or

>From yet another angle, we can't get there by karma,
(i.e., by any single action) but rather by dropping or 
eliminating or consuming our karma. 

Buddhi is on a lower plane than atma, and serves as
its vehicle. On the atmic plane, buddhi is unconscious,
just like lower ego would be unconscious. Yet
consciousness persists, but not in a vehicle as we
understand it. This is in full agreement with the
teaching that spiritual consciousness is "pure" and
needs no vehicle.

Just some thoughts. Thanks for the quote; I now see
where you were coming from.

Jerry S.

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