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Theos-World Remission of Sins

Mar 12, 1999 05:26 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>[Dallas:]Alterations, elisions, and perversions of meaning are
now being show up in many areas.  >
While I agree with you pretty much, we do have to realize that
"perversions" is a subjective call. I personally think that the
attempts to Christianize Theosophy is a perversion, but this
is just my own opinion because other people like it.
>There is no "remission of sins."  And logically everyone is
responsible for their choices.  >
We have discussed this before, and again we can only
agree to disagree here. There is absolutely no way I am
prepared to believe your first statement because if true then
liberation (mukti) would be impossible.  I can only accept
Theosophy if liberation (i.e., the elimination or consumption
of all past karma through spiritual insight) was not a
possibility. If "sins" can not go into "remission" when seen
as dualisitic maya, then nothing else can either. Buddha's
fourth law, that there is a way out of samsara, implied that
our countless "sins" incurred throughout countless lifetimes
can be forgiven and can be dispelled in a single heartbeat.
Jerry S.

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