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Theos-World Why the TSs are Falling Apart

Mar 12, 1999 05:11 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>No, I am in the contrary of the opinion that it is not only the right, but
it is the duty for every true Theosophits, for every student of the pukka
Theosophy of which HPB was the direct agent, to speak out - the more when
there are sideways and traps or even lies which are smuggled into the
Theosophical Movement to destroy the work of HPB and her teachers. No one is
free of the risk to get critisized, if it seems he/she is wrong doing, no
matter if he/she is alive or dead, except he/she is claims to be an
incarnated god beyond any critisism. >>
Frank, your rationale here is exactly why the TS are fragmented
tdoay, and will probably die out in the future.  While you certainly
have the right to think this way, it is completely against the
turn-the-other-cheek policy of real Adepts and of what HPB herself
tried to inspire in her followers. You are, like so many others,
projecting your own narrow sense of truth and "lies" onto others.
Ah well...
Jerry S.

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