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RE: Theos-World Remission of Sins

Mar 12, 1999 04:08 PM
by Peter Merriott

Hi Dallas,
You wrote:
>There is no "remission of sins."  And logically everyone is
responsible for their choices.  >
I imagine you were challenging the Christian Church view here.  Namely, that we can live an immoral life year after year and then have our sins absolved by God's forgiveness at the last minute, just before death.
How very convenient!
I can't find the reference at the moment, but I am sure that both HPB and Subba Row both state that Nirvana cannot be reached through Karma - because it is beyond the realm of cause and effect.  Have you come across this?
Best wishes
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>[Dallas:]Alterations, elisions, and perversions of meaning are
now being show up in many areas.  >
While I agree with you pretty much, we do have to realize that
"perversions" is a subjective call. I personally think that the
attempts to Christianize Theosophy is a perversion, but this
is just my own opinion because other people like it.
We have discussed this before, and again we can only
agree to disagree here. There is absolutely no way I am
prepared to believe your first statement because if true then
liberation (mukti) would be impossible.  I can only accept
Theosophy if liberation (i.e., the elimination or consumption
of all past karma through spiritual insight) was not a
possibility. If "sins" can not go into "remission" when seen
as dualisitic maya, then nothing else can either. Buddha's
fourth law, that there is a way out of samsara, implied that
our countless "sins" incurred throughout countless lifetimes
can be forgiven and can be dispelled in a single heartbeat.
Jerry S.

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