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Theos-World God, Angels, and Dhyani-Chohans

Mar 12, 1999 05:33 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>[Dallas]If one accepts as a hang-over from Judaism the idea of
Jehovah (the angry, wrathful, whimsical, God that enjoys torturing its
subjects for no reason). I ask you what kind of a God is it that
allows the phrase "Lead me not into temptation..." -- as though a
God that the poor, weak, defenseless, women, little children and
the oppressed trust and honor, would do, or allow that ! ]>>
Good question, and one that Jung has already answered. Such
a God is our own psychological projection or anthropomorhism.
We all make these kinds of projections, seeing humanity in
non-human things/beings.  Magicans do this with Angels.  I
suspect that Theosophists do the same thing with
Dhyani-Chohans and the like.
Jerry S.

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