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Re: some MAHATMA LETTER references

Oct 29, 1998 12:09 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 29th 1998

Eldon - some thoughts below


> From: Eldon B Tucker
> Sent:	Sunday, October 25, 1998 8:22 AM
> Subject: some MAHATMA LETTER references


Here's my quotes again, with page numbers for both
the third and second editions, and one additional quote:

> From first to last every sphere has its world of effects,
> the passing through which will afford a place of final
> rest to each of the human principles -- the seventh
> excepted.
> -- page 73 (3rd), 73 (2nd)


---- previous posting with additional page numbers ----

A few quotes from THE MAHATMA LETTERS:

In answering a question about obscurations, KH replies:

> The individual units of mankind remain 100 times longer in the
> transitory spheres of EFFECTS than on the globes ...
> -- page 173 (3rd), 177 (2nd)

This implies in the long run that we have a 100 to 1 ratio of
being in incarnation to being disincarnate, although much of that
out-of-body time may be in the interglobe obscurations. Perhaps
the same ratio applies, in some sense, to the between lifetime

I think that this was a ratio used only to emphasize to Sinnett
the possible
difference in our kind of measured time here, and that in the
Devachan.  In no way under Karma would such a period be fixed
invariably - not logical.


> ... there are great varieties in the Devachan states ... it is
> that variety which guides the temporary personal EGO into the
> current which will lead him to be reborn in a lower or higher
> condition in the next world of causes...
> -- page 100 (3rd), 102 (2nd)

The guide line is always Karma.  When the Devachanee emerges and
is ready to reincarnate under its own Karma, the skandhas (little
lies) that will be needed to form a body again are drawn to
Mother and Father and aggregated for the new incarnation.  They
bring with them the record of the physical, astral, psychic and
lower mental material which the l with in its new birth.

Three valuable articles on Devachan were written in THEOSOPHIST
August 1883 "DEVACHAN :  REAL AND UNREAL.  (reprinted in ULT
Theosophical Articles and Notes pp 19 ....)

Here there is reference to "the next world of causes," but it
doesn't say whether that is Globe D or another globe of our

> The world of effects are not lokas or localities. They are the
> shadow of the world of causes, their SOULS -- worlds having
> men their seven principles which develop and grow
> with the body. Thus the BODY of man is wedded to and remains
> ever within the body of his planet; his individual JIVATMA life
> principle, that which is called in physiology ANIMAL SPIRITS
> returns after death to its source -- FOHAT; his LINGA SHARIRAM
> will be drawn into AKASA; his KAMARUPA will recommingle with
> Universal SAKTI -- the Will-Force, or universal energy; his
> "animal soul" borrowed from the breath of UNIVERSAL MIND will
> return to the Dhyan Chohans; and his sixth principle -- whether
> drawn into or ejected from the matrix of the Great Passive
> Principle must remain in its own sphere -- either as part of
> crude material or as an individualized entity to be reborn in a
> higher world or causes. The seventh will carry it from the
> DEVACHAN and follow the new EGO to its place of re-birth.
> -- pages 71-2 (3rd), 71-2 (2nd)

Here we're reading about our composite nature breaking apart in
the after-death states, and how Atman, the sense of Self, is the
only part that transitions to our rebirth in the next world of
causes. Here it may be a "higher world of causes."

I find this a most instructive passage when I correlate it with
what HPB teaches in KEY TO THEOSOPHY about the qualities and
nature of the 7 principles of man.

> [Devachan] lasts until Karma is satisfied ... [and] the ripple
> force reaches the edge of its cyclic basin, and the being moves
> into the next area of causes. This, it may find in the same
> as before, or another, according to his or her stage of
> progression...
> -- page 189 (3rd), 191-2 (2nd)

And again we find "the same world as before, or another," as to
spheres of causes, the Globes, wherein we find rebirth after

AND THAT SAYS IT ALL  -- Karma is the key to evens and time.  But
the Ego is still the eternal pupil taking in every event as part
of its learning process .

Many thanks for the help and the instruction


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