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Re: Mind and Memory

Oct 30, 1998 05:21 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>Jerryy Wrote:
>>sense. When we die, "real" details dissipate into their true nature which
>>emptiness.   Jerry S.
>I would also suggest though, that at the point of final or total
>dissolution that there is still something which perceives the emptiness. Of
>course this is my own humble opinion based on my own experiences.

Agreed. Yes, there is. The only way to eliminate this "perceiver" is
to enter mahanirvana or to leave our 7-plane system altogether.
And, of course, the skandas and shistas or "karmic residue"
remain as seeds for the next incarnation. But our sense of identity,
which Dal wants to keep continuous, breaks during death for
the vast majority of us (only Adepts can maintain this continuity)
just as it does during our dreams.

Jerry S.

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