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Re: Mind and Memory

Oct 29, 1998 12:09 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 29th 1998

Jerry and Darren:

Thanks for comments.  Jerry I would agree with Darren that it is
most probable that there is "something" which retains its
identity/consciousness - probably not as we are - focused on
material things -   But why not try to visualize UNITY and SPACE
as an ongoing REALITY, of which Manifested space , time and forms
are only illusions which temporarily serve as vehicles for
immortal and non-material intelligences or consciousnesses ?  Why
not ?


> From: D. Porter
> Sent:	Wednesday, October 28, 1998 4:13 PM
> Subject: Re: Mind and Memory

Jerryy Wrote:
>sense. When we die, "real" details dissipate into their true
nature which is
>emptiness.   Jerry S.

I would also suggest though, that at the point of final or total
dissolution that there is still something which perceives the
emptiness. Of
course this is my own humble opinion based on my own experiences.


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