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Re: some MAHATMA LETTER references

Oct 26, 1998 05:47 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>> The individual units of mankind remain 100 times longer in the
>> transitory spheres of EFFECTS than on the globes ...
>> -- page 173 (3rd), 177 (2nd)
>This implies in the long run that we have a 100 to 1 ratio of
>being in incarnation to being disincarnate, although much of that
>out-of-body time may be in the interglobe obscurations. Perhaps
>the same ratio applies, in some sense, to the between lifetime

Eldon, don't you have it just backward here? Shouldn't it be 100 to 1
ratio of being dis-carnate to being incarnate? BTW, this quote from
the MLs is where G de Purucker got his idea of 100 years in devachan
for each year lived on Earth.

Jerry S.

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