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Re: Paramitas Of Buddhism ??? :)

Oct 24, 1998 09:29 AM
by Alan Wilkinson

Wow.  Thanks for the info on the Paramitas. I found several bits of info and
an article on the same at, in their 'Glossary'.

I must say, upon reading the article on "The Glorious 'Virtues' Or
Paramitas", that the practice of them, when living with 2 children and a
wife (who share not the principles of Theosophy and seek and delight
themselves in worldly affairs), presents huge difficulties to the fulfilment
of the required disciplines presented.

However, one is required, nay, compelled, to the serious study and practice
of the 'virtues' no matter what the situation presents to the 'outer man'.

Is it true that cirmumstances which are opposite to what we would wish are
merely illusions (maya) distorted and disfigured by our sense of dualities?


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> Date: 24 October 1998 05:20
> Subject: Re: Paramitas Of Buddhism ??? :)

>In a message dated 10/23/98 11:48:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
><< Hello again.  I hope I'm not being a bug bear, but I read in a
> Mr. Purucker about the ten Paramitas of Buddhism...
> ...Could somebody be so kind as to list them, as I have no idea of what it
> is.
> I'm not asking out of mere speculation but from a `desire :)` to practice
> and progress.
> Thanks
> Alan >>
>The Ten Paramitas or Perfections are:
>1.  DANA - love, charity and giving
>2.  SILA - morality, harmony
>3.  NEKKHAMMA - renunciation
>4.  PANNA - wisdom
>5.  VIRIYA - vigor, energy, valour
>6.  KHANTI - patience that nothing can ruffle
>7.  SACCAM - truthfulness
>8.  ADHITTHANA - resolution
>9.  METTA - kindliness
>10. UPEKKHA - equanimity
>The Ten Sanyojanas or Fetters are:
>1.  SAKKAYADITHHI - the delusion of the personal ego
>2.  VICHIKICHCHA - doubt or uncertainty
>3.  SILABBATAPARAMASA - superstition
>4.  PATIGHA - all possibility of anger or hatred
>5.  KAMARAGA - attachment to the enjoyment of the senses
>6.  RUPARAGA - desire for form, desire for existence in form
>7.  ARUPARAGA - desire for the formless life
>8.  MANA - pride
>9.  UDDHACHCHHA - agitation or irritability
>10. AVIJA - ignorance
>The Buddhist terminology is in the Pali language.

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