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Re: How Many Egos?

Oct 24, 1998 03:16 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 24th

Dear Jerry:

If we are going to talk about "egos" then we would have to define them.

If there is ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that is aware of "Egoity" as a quality of
"I-ness" -- then how and why would we have several ?

Are you thinking of schizophrenia where apparently the physical body/brain
becomes the periodical or sequential habitat of several "personalities" ---
each with a different name and persons, etc... that is rather abnormal and
might be classified under "possession," or "obsession."  Conditions which
theosophy also considers under the concept of "Mediumship," and which would
be the result of "passivity."

In the normal condition -- that of all of us, the phenomena of "multiple
personalities" would be rare -- and the memory of experiences in other
states might be accurate or blurred depending on the development of the
faculty of "concentration," or "attention"  (both "Will: faculties of the
Mind == manas ==) as I understand it.

Any ideas ?



              Dallas TenBroeck

> From: Jerry Schueler
> Sent: Saturday, October 24, 1998 8:50 AM
> Subject: How Many Egos?

    >As I understand the teachings and propositions of Theosophy we
    >have in each of us
    >2 Egos:  the Higher and the Lower.

    In a sense, Dallas, I agree with you. But depending on how we want
    to define "ego" I suspect that there are lots more than two.

    Jerry S.

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