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Re: Paramitas Of Buddhism ??? :)

Oct 23, 1998 09:03 PM
by augoeides

In a message dated 10/23/98 11:48:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Hello again.  I hope I'm not being a bug bear, but I read in a conclusion
 Mr. Purucker about the ten Paramitas of Buddhism...

 ...Could somebody be so kind as to list them, as I have no idea of what it

 I'm not asking out of mere speculation but from a `desire :)` to practice
 and progress.


 Alan >>

The Ten Paramitas or Perfections are:

1.  DANA - love, charity and giving
2.  SILA - morality, harmony
3.  NEKKHAMMA - renunciation
4.  PANNA - wisdom
5.  VIRIYA - vigor, energy, valour
6.  KHANTI - patience that nothing can ruffle
7.  SACCAM - truthfulness
8.  ADHITTHANA - resolution
9.  METTA - kindliness
10. UPEKKHA - equanimity

The Ten Sanyojanas or Fetters are:

1.  SAKKAYADITHHI - the delusion of the personal ego
2.  VICHIKICHCHA - doubt or uncertainty
3.  SILABBATAPARAMASA - superstition
4.  PATIGHA - all possibility of anger or hatred
5.  KAMARAGA - attachment to the enjoyment of the senses
6.  RUPARAGA - desire for form, desire for existence in form
7.  ARUPARAGA - desire for the formless life
8.  MANA - pride
9.  UDDHACHCHHA - agitation or irritability
10. AVIJA - ignorance

The Buddhist terminology is in the Pali language.


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