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some MAHATMA LETTER references

Oct 23, 1998 09:36 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

A few quotes from THE MAHATMA LETTERS:

In answering a question about obscurations, KH replies:

> The individual units of mankind remain 100 times longer in the
> transitory spheres of EFFECTS than on the globes ...
> -- page 173

This implies in the long run that we have a 100 to 1 ratio of
being in incarnation to being disincarnate, although much of that
out-of-body time may be in the interglobe obscurations. Perhaps
the same ratio applies, in some sense, to the between lifetime


> ... there are great varieties in the Devachan states ... it is
> that variety which guides the temporary personal EGO into the
> current which will lead him to be reborn in a lower or higher
> condition in the next world of causes...
> -- page 100

Here there is reference to "the next world of causes," but it
doesn't say whether that is Globe D or another globe of our chain.

> The world of effects are not lokas or localities. They are the
> shadow of the world of causes, their SOULS -- worlds having like
> men their seven principles which develop and grow simultaneously
> with the body. Thus the BODY of man is wedded to and remains for
> ever within the body of his planet; his individual JIVATMA life
> principle, that which is called in physiology ANIMAL SPIRITS
> returns after death to its source -- FOHAT; his LINGA SHARIRAM
> will be drawn into AKASA; his KAMARUPA will recommingle with the
> Universal SAKTI -- the Will-Force, or universal energy; his
> "animal soul" borrowed from the breath of UNIVERSAL MIND will
> return to the Dhyan Chohans; and his sixth principle -- whether
> drawn into or ejected from the matrix of the Great Passive
> Principle must remain in its own sphere -- either as part of the
> crude material or as an individualized entity to be reborn in a
> higher world or causes. The seventh will carry it from the
> DEVACHAN and follow the new EGO to its place of re-birth.
> -- pages 71-2

Here we're reading about our composite nature breaking apart in
the after-death states, and how Atman, the sense of Self, is the
only part that transitions to our rebirth in the next world of
causes. Here it may be a "higher world of causes."

> [Devachan] lasts until Karma is satisfied ... [and] the ripple of
> force reaches the edge of its cyclic basin, and the being moves
> into the next area of causes. This, it may find in the same world
> as before, or another, according to his or her stage of
> progression...
> -- page 189

And again we find "the same world as before, or another," as to
spheres of causes, the Globes, wherein we find rebirth after

-- Eldon

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