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Re: Plea for help

Jun 30, 1998 04:09 PM
by Clare Povers

> Date:          Tue, 30 Jun 1998 01:18:22 +0100
> From: "Dr A M Bain" <>
> Subject: Plea for help
> Reply-to:

> Dear lists,
> I recently sent out, in desperation, a plea for help to four "theos" lists.
> Clare writing in: I have just seen your message as I do not review
each day. Have 449 messages in my folder.
I did not SEE your original Theos- World Pleas for help and  this
(i.e. yours..) does not refer to date etc. or original. I cant find
> Apart from a few existing friends - two of whom didn't even ask about
> the circumstances - I had ONE, repeat ONE response from a caring, if
> poor subscriber, who was brotherly and sympathetic, which counts for
> a lot, and is the true spirit of the theosophical ideal.
> WHAT PRICE THE FIRST OBJECT? The First Object still vibraring
Will endeavour to discover what help you need.
                      If I can help will do so. email me direct if
necessary. I will look at messages tomorrow morning about 9.30 a.m.
lst July......Namaste Clare
ps. I hope I have "worked" the technical aspect of this Pegasus Mail
reply correctly
> As is said in some parts of the UK of people who talk but do not act or
> respond, "He is all mouth and trousers."
> I am not in the U.K. but on the misty isle close by.
> I am seriously reviewing my position.
or are you reviewing a serious position.  I hope not     C.
> MAY YOU BE  HAPPY....Please keep your pecker up  :-)
> Alan
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