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Courage, except in the face of women

Jun 30, 1998 04:05 PM
by Kym Smith

Dallas wrote:

>The Buddha, for
>example, or Jesus, as Men that succeeded in making their physical
>envelope transparent to the inner SPIRIT (which all men share in)
>are for us EXAMPLES which we respect.  They fearlessly exposd for
>us to see a practical example of how a divineman ought to live
>and speak.  As "immortals and as Spirit" we are all equals, but
>some have achieved far more than we have done yet, and we (or I
>at least) sense the difference and would consider it an honor to
>be their devotee.

As a woman, I do not feel "it an honor to be their devotee."  I can see how
men would as most philosophies center around the potential of males.
However, I believe that these holy "Men" - as you put it, Dallas - are
lacking in some very basic life lessons.  Buddha said that if women became
prominent in Buddhism, Buddhism would only last one thousand years.  Buddha
resisted women being allowed "into the club."  HPB on at least one occasion
mentioned how her being 'just a woman' was one of the reasons she would
never be allowed completely "into the club."  Remember that famous line in
Letters - "She does rave betimes."  Oh, please.

Now, some men on this list may say "And damn right - women shouldn't be let
in with their constant PMSing all the time."  Well, what else to expect when
some of these men on this list can't even begin to adopt new tasks such as
using gender-inclusive language.  I wonder how someone is going to grasp a
titantic Truth if the use of he/she frustrates them.  Apples and oranges,
you say?  Not if Truth is Compassion.

Many men and women may hold such holy "Men" in high honor - but I have a
real hard time wondering just how "enlightened" someone can be if they got
freaked out by the women who had the audacity of pulling up a chair and
getting right comfy.


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