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Re: possible sources of help for Alan Bain

Jun 30, 1998 04:57 PM
by Annette Rivington

Dear Alan:
Could you or somebody pllllease post your original message?  The
suspense is killing me.  I don't know how I can help, but I would like
to think I would try.
You said:
>As is said in some parts of the UK of people who talk but do not act or
>respond, "He is all mouth and trousers."

Amazing eh, how you find out two things when you ask for help - 1) who
your true friends are, and 2) how everyone is dealing with some problem
whether imagined or real that takes up their time and energy.

Right now you are in competition with the World Cup (Football there,
Soccer here).  My company is smart and has it running on a big TV in the
cafeteria all day.  I asked one of the male coffee group why he thought
they did that.  His opinion is that management figure people will stay
home and watch it, so they show it at work.

I have an interesting story that might cheer you up.  On one of my
disasterous returns "home" to try to live, we were living in Chelmsford
and my "boyfriend" was hamering a trellis on the front wall of the house
and neither of us realized it was Cup Final Saturday.  The guy next door
(a big sucker) came marching out, jumped the fence, picked up my
boyfriend and threw him against the wall saying he would do worse if he
didn't stop the noise that was spoiling his concentration on the cup
final.  I called the police but they seemed sympathetic with the other

You've just got to get your priorities straight, Alan :) :)

>I am seriously reviewing my position.
Well, as I said before, Alan, from the school of hard knocks, you come
in alone and are darned lucky if you don't go out alone.  I'm always
thinking of you, as you know, but fat lot of material good that does, I
know :)

Hi LmHem111
> Maybe someone from one of  groups in which you've been active could come round
> and look in on you. Is Cornwall near London? Perhaps you could email one or
> more of the groups you were/or are associated with and contact an old friend
> or friends who could help you.
Sorry to say LmHem111, but Cornwall is the farthest from London,
West-East that is.  It would have to be local help.

> I don't know what the problem is but if it's a physical ailment, you ought to
> really call or email the National Health Service.
Interesting that the NHS has a web page!  You know if you want to get
medical help before death's door in England, you have to go Private
nowadays, and that takes multi-moolah!    If you want a government
subsidized dwelling, you have to wait a few decades.  It's a real prob.

OK, Alan, I have no idea what your problem is, and I know you think you
are succumbing to what can be a debilitating disease, and I know it's
easy to talk from miles away, but please try to remember that you have
the power of mind over matter and you can manifest the rest of your life
as simply as you did the first part and that the universe in it's
abundance will come through for you.

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