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Plea for help

Jun 30, 1998 10:15 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran


As I posted on TI-L, I only saw your plea on TI-L. You must have forgotten
to cc the other lists. I hope that by reposting your plea, you will get a
better response. Remember that fable about the difference between people
in hell and people in heaven? They all had long spoons that prevented them
from feeding themselves. The people in hell starved to death trying to
feed themselves with long spoons. The people in heaven fed each other with
the long spoons. Normally, one should be wary of being "taken." However,
you are a long time member of this list, and we should know you and trust
you by now.

Thoa :o)

>From: "Dr A M Bain" <>
>Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 01:18:22 +0100
>Subject: Plea for help
>Dear lists,
>I recently sent out, in desperation, a plea for help to four "theos" lists.
>Apart from a few existing friends - two of whom didn't even ask about
>the circumstances - I had ONE, repeat ONE response from a caring, if
>poor subscriber, who was brotherly and sympathetic, which counts for
>a lot, and is the true spirit of the theosophical ideal.
>As is said in some parts of the UK of people who talk but do not act or
>respond, "He is all mouth and trousers."
>I am seriously reviewing my position.

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