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"Life is not fair.."

Jun 29, 1998 05:56 PM
by Jake Jaqua

    Life does not seem fair to the one-lifetime human
personality and isn't, I think, during physical life.     I
thought about this a lot, and think that it does not seem
fair because we only see part of the human personality's
life - the "second half" is its life in Devachan after physical
death when it gets the reward of all its unfulfilled hopes
and injustices.   Devachan is supposed to be an "illusion"
or dream-life  -  just like physical life   -   but on the other
hand, this is as Real as any individual or relative life
gets.....   For the "Reincarnating Ego" life is fair because it
is reaping reward and punishment from its previous
lifetimes, which presumably it is aware of in some fashion.
                                                       -  Jake Jaqua

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