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Re: == Heart/Chakra Meditation

Jun 25, 1998 11:43 AM
by Phillips Spencer

	Dear Andrew Brown:

	You may find "The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali" an interpretation by
William Q. Judge very helpful also in your study.  The Preface to this Book
written by Mr. Judge I have found to be very valuable over the years in my
understanding Ishwara.


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> From: "Dallas TenBroeck" <>
> Sent:	Thursday, June 25, 1998 8:49 AM
> Subject: Re: == Heart/Chakra Meditation
> June 25th 1998
> Dear Andrew Brown:
> Suggestion:  read and become familiar with THE VOICE OF THE
> SILENCE by H P Blavatsky.  In its 78 pages you will have enough
> of the "Heart Doctrine" to give starting points for true
> meditation for a lifetime.
> If by meditation on the heart chakra you mean a
> psycho-physiological exercise of the kind recommended in some
> Tantric schools, I am afraid that there will be no end to
> disappointment.
> As the "heart" is used as a symbol for "wisdom," so meditation on
> that inner wisdom is on one's own inner self as the base for
> one's existence and purpose in life.
> By extension the "heart doctrine" or "wisdom" in any one of us
> will be found (if true) to encompass the wisdom of the whole
> Universe and of everyone else who is striving, as we are to
> become "perfected."
> There are of course many other "goals," some of which have been
> labeled "heart-meditation."  But where is the truth, the final
> aim to be directed ?  Some knowledge enables selection to be more
> accurate.  Would you care to consider the following ?
> That is as I understand your question and would answer from one
> of the several Theosophical points of view.
> Ideally it is universal, impersonal, and provable by every one
> within the crucible of their own meditative thinking.  Since it
> is also eternal it is available to those who consider that they
> are, at the core of their being, an immortal Spirit/Soul that is
> travelling through the experiences of many successive lives, so
> as to reach the goal of final perfection [ All Knowingness] for
> this Manvantara ( or period of manifestation).  They make of
> their living and their personalities an impersonal and universal
> base for thinking, meditation and living their ordinary
> unspectacular lives.  This means as a primary exercise moral (or
> ethical) purification:  Harmlessness,  Brotherhood,
> Unselfishness,  Compassion, and   Service to all.
> These are, of course, my own opinions on the subject which I have
> found to be fundamental to all Theosophical study.
> With best wishes to you,        Dallas
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> From: "Thomas Browne" <>
> Date: Wednesday, June 24, 1998 10:29 PM
> Subject: Heart/Chakra Meditation
> >Dear Fellow Theosophists
> >I am doing a research study on Chakra Meditation where focus is
> put on the
> >heart chakra in particular, as well as the crown chakra and/or
> others.  Does
> >anyone know of writings which contain any information on this
> topic.  I would
> >greatly appreciate any help you could offer me.
> >Thomas Browne

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