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Re: Dr. Bain on Dallas T.'s quoting and citing The SD

Jun 25, 1998 08:05 AM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-06-25 09:41:04 EDT, Daniel Caldwell writes:

<< You may not appreciate these references but I and other readers may find
the citations useful for our individual studies. I hope  Dallas *will
continue* to quote and cite material that he thinks is appropriate to the
given discussion.

  Also I believe Dallas has a right to say that he believes HP Blavatsky is
*knowledgeable* and/or *correct* on a given point or subject. This is not the
same thing as claiming that HPB is giving out "inviolate, certain and absolute
truth"!! >>

I agree, Daniel. The Internet is a free forum. Dal has the right to quote and
comment from an HPB-Judge perspective. I'm an eclectic theosophist, myself, so
I find post-Blavatskyian authors valuable as well. Others may not agree but
we're not within the confines of an organization here.

My two bits

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