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Re: == Heart/Chakra Meditation

Jun 25, 1998 05:48 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 25th 1998

Dear Andrew Brown:

Suggestion:  read and become familiar with THE VOICE OF THE
SILENCE by H P Blavatsky.  In its 78 pages you will have enough
of the "Heart Doctrine" to give starting points for true
meditation for a lifetime.

If by meditation on the heart chakra you mean a
psycho-physiological exercise of the kind recommended in some
Tantric schools, I am afraid that there will be no end to

As the "heart" is used as a symbol for "wisdom," so meditation on
that inner wisdom is on one's own inner self as the base for
one's existence and purpose in life.

By extension the "heart doctrine" or "wisdom" in any one of us
will be found (if true) to encompass the wisdom of the whole
Universe and of everyone else who is striving, as we are to
become "perfected."

There are of course many other "goals," some of which have been
labeled "heart-meditation."  But where is the truth, the final
aim to be directed ?  Some knowledge enables selection to be more
accurate.  Would you care to consider the following ?

That is as I understand your question and would answer from one
of the several Theosophical points of view.

Ideally it is universal, impersonal, and provable by every one
within the crucible of their own meditative thinking.  Since it
is also eternal it is available to those who consider that they
are, at the core of their being, an immortal Spirit/Soul that is
travelling through the experiences of many successive lives, so
as to reach the goal of final perfection [ All Knowingness] for
this Manvantara ( or period of manifestation).  They make of
their living and their personalities an impersonal and universal
base for thinking, meditation and living their ordinary
unspectacular lives.  This means as a primary exercise moral (or
ethical) purification:  Harmlessness,  Brotherhood,
Unselfishness,  Compassion, and   Service to all.

These are, of course, my own opinions on the subject which I have
found to be fundamental to all Theosophical study.

With best wishes to you,        Dallas

> Date: Wednesday, June 24, 1998 10:29 PM
> From: "Thomas Browne" <>
> Subject: Heart/Chakra Meditation

>Dear Fellow Theosophists
>I am doing a research study on Chakra Meditation where focus is
put on the
>heart chakra in particular, as well as the crown chakra and/or
others.  Does
>anyone know of writings which contain any information on this
topic.  I would
>greatly appreciate any help you could offer me.
>Thomas Browne

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