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Future Vegetarians --OJAS

Jun 16, 1998 05:47 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

" But the Hindus have a word - 'ojas' that implies a spirit of nutrition
in fresh natural foods - and I'm more concerned over whether artifical
meat would contain 'ojas'.	Darren	"

OJAS and TEJAS ,  are two words in Sanskrit which mean LGHT and its
radiation.  Ojas relates to the light which is emitted and seen beyond
the object, while Tejas is the intrinsic light of the thing within it.
For example the Sun, with its inherent qualities and forces, is full of
Tejas.  The sunlight that it emits and which then falls upon objective
nature, its solar system, and the things on our earth-I am not dealing
with the subjective, now-is the Ojas which we perceive of the sun.

Every object therefore emits a radiation, seen by our physical eyes, as
the objects, form and shape, its colour; and also be cognised by other
senses as smell,  feeling and taste.  Beyond the physical it emits the
Ojas of its aura with those particular colours, which identify its
freshness, and its particular qualities of goodness and nutrition.
Colored Kirlian photography can start to give us some idea of this,
being  a possibility.

The halo, a universal depiction to represent the wise and holy ones, is
one symbolic representation of the person's Ojas.

Some how I doubt that the Ojas would be the same in various sorts of
meat, genetically engineered or cloned, so what is currently used

A little additional material may be helpful,    Sophia

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