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ICQ Group Discussion Topic #1

Jun 16, 1998 07:38 PM
by Darren Porter

ICQ participants are invited to submit their responses to the first weekly
discussion question:

Karmically, what does the buddhist philosophy of 'right employment', mean
to westerners? Do internatioanal corporations have a collective karma like
countries and does this effect an employee?

Please ICQ messages to Darren (NOS) and any other ICQ participants for
further discussion. A summary of responses in the form of an article will
be submitted to theos-world. this is a bit of an experiment so If it
doesn't work out - oh well. I'm sure the differences between the newsgroups
and using ICQ will lead to some unique use of both.

 >Bee B.                         4,291,138
>Dallas                        13,760,916
>Darren                       12,448,929
>Eldon                          8,244,261
>Einar                         10,684,770
>Pam G.                        9,274,727
>Thoa T.                      13,809,746
>Patrick R.	 12302004
>Rudy                            9114742

Namaste  (Guru : I would like some green tea
	   (Chela :  Nah !, Master )


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