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Re: Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

Jun 16, 1998 07:53 PM
by Pam Giese

> From: "Annette Rivington" <>
> In case any of you are interested, I did ask a question:
> "Respectfully, in whatever way you choose to present it, what entity
> was/is/will be the loudest silent communicator to us?"
> The answer, after what appeared to be some hesitation or bickering, was
> Then followed a bunch of regular stuff and warnings and hints that we
> all already know.

I can identify with this.  My backyard is in need of some landscaping
features.  I stood in the back of the yard and asked the nature spirits
what I should do.  Then I heard this booming voice from of 60+ year weeping
willow of "WATER, I WANT LOTS OF WATER".  Now, 1/3 of my backyard is
underwater in early spring and this is the willow's ideal setting; however
it's a spawning area for mosquitoes and kills the grass.  Now, having
opened the doors, I have trouble not hearing the Willow's booming voice
"Water.  Where's my water?" like some elderly grandparent demanding his
way, oblivious to the needs or concerns of others around him.  This is my
first experience with old willows --most of my willow contacts have been
young trees, flexible and bending to the forces around them.  Dealing with
an old willow that saw the land before it was developed and now submits to
me mowing around him is quite a different thing.

It's important to know the types of trees.  In HPB's days, most lay
scientists were naturalists and they could identify the flora and fauna
around them.  I grew up in a family of naturalists.  It was part of the
knowledge I took for granted.  Each species of trees has their own
vibration.  Once you sense this, you can never mistake an oak for something
else again (oaks speak really loud).  There's a great poem in the
Mabinogion which lists the trees and months correspondence in Celtic lore.
(If some one has a copy or can direct me to it online, I'd be grateful.  I
seem to remember that it was reproduced in the back of Grave's The White
Goddess).  Knowing Trees is part of the experiential learning of the power
of nature.


"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."

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