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Re: Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

Jun 18, 1998 10:44 PM
by Annette Rivington

Pam Giese wrote:
> knowledge I took for granted.  Each species of trees has their own
> vibration.  Once you sense this, you can never mistake an oak for something
> else again (oaks speak really loud).  There's a great poem in the
> Mabinogion which lists the trees and months correspondence in Celtic lore.
> (If some one has a copy or can direct me to it online, I'd be grateful.  I
> seem to remember that it was reproduced in the back of Grave's The White
> Goddess).  Knowing Trees is part of the experiential learning of the power
> of nature.
Dear Pam:
Thanks for the reference and the info.  I have been thinking really hard
on this.  We have known for some time of the power of trees and the
recent quotes from HPB support this.  Note also the "tree of life"
central to Native American spirituality.
What I have been throwing around in my mind though are the questions:
"What if the trees are the keepers of the Word?  What if the cutting
down of them and the effects on the environment and us is only part of
the facts?  What if we fail to see the wood (universal)for the trees
(fragmentation)? (Sorry, couldn't resist).  What if photosynthesis was
put there to guard the loss of the universal knowledge, like a
gatekeeper of the Library?  What if books made out of trees and houses
made out of trees was not simply best material for the job, but part of
the communication?

The last time a tree spoke to me he said quite clearly, "focus on me and
get right first things first, and when you have that in hand, all that
universe behind me will be yours to understand."
That from a mere sapling really.  So I can only imagine what a 700 year
old oak has to say.
I wonder if going to crystals from trees was the big mistake!

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