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Veggie karma-still bit really KARMA

Jun 16, 1998 05:40 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

> Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998
> From: "Thoa Thi-Kim Tran" <>

Dear Thoa a most insightful and thought provoking contribution to

Just a couple of points which might be considered.

"I hold dearly a thought that I borrowed somewhere which says that:
'Whatever>action you do, it is the motive that counts. Whatever you do
with absolute>loving kindness in your heart, will result in a beneficent
outcome in the>end, no matter how wrong it may seem to a witness at the
moment.' "

You speak of motive being most important.  Later on in this very study,
you speak of knowledge.  If out of ignorance but the very best of motive
I do something danger or foolish.  Do I reap a dual type of karrma, good
for my motive on that plane, and poor or bad on the physical.  Is it
possible to think of karma being sort of mixed up in its results?

"When I look at people I admire, I also see the nobility in myself.
When I look at people I dislike, I also see that in myself."  There was
the Chinese philosopher who said that when he walked between two people
he looked for the qualities he admired in the one on his right, and he
observed the tendencies which he felt were not upto the mark in the one
on his left.  If these two companions changed side, he continue valuing
the one on is right for good qualities and visa versa.

Another teaching I have hear reiterated is that we should not judge the
actor, but the act.  We can hate an untruth, an injustice, the ugly, the
disharmonious etc.,  But we should avoid hating the person who
temporarily manifested one of these types of action.  The person is a
much more complicated individual than this one action,  this might be a
small percent of wrong, while   the person has a greater percent of
good, which we may not know about, overlook because we are temporarily
blinded by hate or aversion.
Is in not said "Judge not, that ye be not judged."  (May be the
quotation is a little wrong.)   Hatred, criticism and aversion, keep the
memory dwelling for long lengths of time on incident.  All that while
our own hearts and minds are dwelling and being filled with what we
consider wrong or bad,  we are living in this pollution, soaking  its
stench and ugliness.  While we should use this time, and powers of our
minds and hearts on better things.

". Furthermore, in my mind, there exists no moral judgment at all>that
we can use on the 'nature' i.e. the life other than the human species.
>The life of the animals is simply 'Natural' and therefore not ethical
in its>nature."

Maybe the word AMORAL would describe the living and acting of the lower

Fratnernally,   Sophia

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