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Jun 16, 1998 05:34 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

Alan commenting on what might be considered "over quoting:" said :  "The
sources (insofar as TS writings are concerned) are all over the web, and
there are many many links to them via the TI website (see below).  Any
of us with a web browser can go get them.  In my own opinion, much of
what is available is misleading, to say the least, but I also believe it
needs to be read and to be studied.  Often by puzzling over what doesn't
make sense to us, we, "the cracked" as Pam puts it, we get to find the
sense and the true light enters.
Other sources are the gnostic, kabbalist, and various religious
writings, also all over the web."

Thoa wrote,  speaking to Dallas,  "However, it's difficult to listen if
the tone is of preaching.  I also think that others should stop telling
you to stop using HPB quotes.  Then again, it could also be a reaction
to you telling them to stick to Theosophical quotes."

I remember things I have read, but do not know where to relocate them,
for the adjacent material and the context is throws additional light. I
have always been grateful to Dallas, I could turn to him and say, "Where
have I read that?"   And invariably I get a reply.   See my recent
comment on "reprieve" for Europe, which would throw some light on
Brenda's contribution about the ending of cycles.  I trust that Dallas
will most likely try and find it-even if he does I hope someone else
will look it up.   I know I have read it more than once and I know I
have made notes for it somewhere, but could not find these.

I think that as long as Dallas, can provide references he should go on
doing it.  Is there another who will do the same?   It is quite correct
to say that very useful and valuable Websites are there.  But the time
taken in calling up book after book and using a search engine, and
copying the material, for further reading, is both time and money
consuming.  Then the references to the old Magazines, are not on the
Websites.  So, for my sake at least go on giving the references, I keep
them separately and have them for future use.

Thanks Dallas,      Sophia

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