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Dangers of mediumship, channeling

Jun 16, 1998 05:29 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

Alan wrote regarding Harold Sherman's books, where he speaks of having
to help some people out of their possession.  "Most are protected by
their own incompetence, or their lack of psychic ability, or both.  For
the fanatic, though, the risks are very real.  No responsible occultist
would write such "how to" books.  If a genuine seeker can figure it out
for him/herself (which is possible) they will probably be made aware of
the risks at the same time.		Alan's .02 worth"

Would this not partly explain some of the insanity cases, we have in our
institutions, which our psychologists and psychiatrists, seem to have no
idea how to treat?  It seems to be a possibility.

Fraternally,  Sophia

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