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Faith & Fear

Jun 16, 1998 04:58 PM
by Jake Jaqua

    'A very interesting letter which I read through twice in #222.  Some =
pretty good psychological analysies, I think, and interesting comments =
on Cayce (I think I'll get the book now..) but you show your teeth a bit =
at the final line (ha) when you say something I think is untrue (but I =
won't argue on it!):

>....  But the Theosophical movement as a whole
>is still focused on believing in a set of unprovable propositions
>about a specific person rather than a set of principles on how to
>live your life.  IMHO

             You've every right to believe different, but I think most =
are concerned with the teachings, and Blavatsky secondarily.
             I remember the first time I was convinced that Blavatsky =
was the "real thing."  I was spending a 4 week isolation in a cabin in =
West Virgina about 20 years ago and reading my first Blavatsky book - =
"Esoteric Teachings of Blavatsky" put out by Quest.  I can remember the =
moment it dawned on me that "this isn't just speculation, it's the Real =
Thing."  And I never changed my mind since, although I had other things =
to do before I pursued it actively.   ' Just lucky, I guess.
           Also, that "fight or flight" analogy of Fear makes sense.  =
Maybe one can say in analogy that it also applies psychologically and in =
regards to the ego.  As everyone finds out, it is a serious thing and =
people really are fighting for survival (psychological) in these matters =
of belief.  People also are altruistically fighting for the survival of =
Truth and what they believe is Truth.
       Good luck with your new Cayce book.  I bet Theosophists will like =
             Regards,     Jake

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