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Re: Feeding the Hungry

Jun 16, 1998 06:24 PM
by Darren Porter

The first worlds desire for cash crops (cocoa, sugar, cashews, coffee etc)
is causing the third world problems. Countries like Nepal are being forced
by US pressure to abandon their one and only source of survival - HEMP.
This product if farmed worlwide would end so many problems. There is no
waste product from it. The uses are countless textiles, food, medicine,
paper (best quality), biomass fuels, oil, the list gos on and on. It's
funny because the US army once made a film called HEMP FOR VICTORY which
encouraged farmers to grow the wonder crop.

Food for thought

aka NOS (Bva Scm. (Hons))

At 04:13 AM 6/15/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Sophia TenBroeck <> writes
>>FARMERS the world over are already or are becoming the prey of the
>>middle man-who makes exorbitant profits, and the processor who can
>>collects the raw material and sells at VALUE ADDED prices.  Farmers are
>>at the lowest level of this food-chain, and they still grow and grow and
>>remain poor.  While all those who do not and cannot produce their own
>>food needs also find themselves suffering and contributing indirectly to
>>the world wide shortages.
>How true this is - there is a genuine risk I may lose my home, as I rent it
>from just such a farmer.
>Alan :-(
>Dr. A.M.Bain
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