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Re: Feeding the Hungry

Jun 15, 1998 05:51 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:41 PM 6/14/1998 PDT, Sophia wrote:
>This subject is very close to my heart, and I have collected data and
>studied various aspects for years.  So, I am going to write at some
>length taking up some points.  It may turn out quite long, so a warning
>to those uninterested to 'wipe out.'"
>> clip <<<

Thanks for your detailed msg.

No thinking human being can be insensitive to the hunger problem. The
problem can be solved if only there is a will to do it. I hope a day will
come when women and men around the world will demand of their leaders to
take interest in this issue and move them to solve it.


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