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Re: No cost, no obligation

Jun 15, 1998 03:50 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 15th 1998

Dear Thoa:O

Glad to read your back and forth between my writing and
Annette's -- more can now be added from my today's MSG to her.

As to my name.  It is of Scottish origin.  A small town near
Edinburgh from which my Mother's ancestors descend.  She was the
grand daughter of George Mifflin Dallas who was Vice-president
under Polk (Civil-war days).  Dallas in Texas (and some other
towns) was named in his honor, and at the time was just a dusty
cross road in the vast Texas plains with a few buildings
scattered around.  So  ?

> Date: Sunday, June 14, 1998 2:32 PM
> From: "Thoa Thi-Kim Tran" <>
> Subject: No cost, no obligation

>Annette to Dallas:
>>> right about lots of reading, etc ... and I will say ia very
>>>mind that remembers some things and
>>> forgets others.
>>I figured you had some computerized books so that you could
punch in key
>>words and up pops the appropriate quote.  If you are quoting
>>memory, well, what can I say.
>Ah, now I know why I've been saving some of the posts!  That
way, once I've
>been on the list for a few more years, I can dig up any related
topic and
>post them.  So far, I have a good file on the Leadbeater
scandal, TS
>politics, HPB, Krisnamurti's Truth, sexism, vegetarianism,
debate over
>Paul's Masters, psychism and the ES.  I even started posting
"Truth is a
>Pathless Land" for Doss whenever he mentions it.  I'm saving him
>searching time.
>>> Dallas:
>>> To me Theosophy is not only the current of thought today, but
>>> result of past thinking.  Like mathematics you and I are
>>> current problems with a wisdom drawn from Euclid, Pythagoras
>>> Plate --- etc..What do you think of the work done by Penrose,
>>> Margulis, Hawking, and Bohm, Einstein, etc., etc., who are
>>> pretty much in the forefront of scientific thought ?  Isn't
it a
>>> unity of past and present made "real" and "creative ?"
>>Well said.  Our difference seems to be that, having read and
>>(or not) the recorded thoughts of others, I believe it is our
task to
>>assimilate those thoughts with our experiences and present the
result as
>>something come from ourselves.  So my ideal debate is something
>>"Trees speak to us of ancient wisdom.  I have experienced this
when etc
>>etc, and others have told me that they have experienced etc
etc.  I am
>>reminded of SoandSo's account in SuchandSuch book (pages xx)
>>similar experiences with various differences pertinent to the
time of
>>that writing."
>I agree with Annette that knowledge is important, but it is also
>that one can play around with knowledge.  Has anybody ever
played with a
>Lego?  It has rigid parts, most of it squares and rectangles,
with the
>delightful additions of triangles, little humans, and other odd
parts.  The
>Lego becomes a wonderful starship when one realizes that they
>with each other, the rigidly shaped parts and the amorphous
parts.  The
>rigid parts become the foundation and can be a support anywhere,
while the
>amorphous parts help to make the starship unique.  All that
knowledge is
>the foundation, the known, and the rigidly shaped parts.  Our
creativity is
>the amorphous parts, our interpretation, our playfulness.  Put
together a
>Lego set and you'll see what I mean.  You can buy a small one
for 5 bucks.
>Thoa :o)
>P.S.  Dallas, how did you get your name?  I know it's a city in
>That's an unusual name for Theosophists with a love for India to
give to
>their child.  I can understand your sister's name Sophia, which
relates to

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