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Re: No cost, no obligation

Jun 15, 1998 03:35 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 15th

Dear Annette:

No I do not entirely "quote" from memory.   I try to use what I
have learned from Theosophy in what I write.  In addition when I
am uncertain I refer to my (rather extensive) notes and look for
the source for something that I have forgotten the precise
details of.  But the only advantage that I may have is that I
have been devoted to the study of what Theosophy teaches ( and
also what comes out from Science, Philosophy, Psychology and

No I don't "punch up my information," although, in studying I did
find it very useful to concentrate a number of valuable
statements together.  I can copy these for others who may desire
to see them for themselves, or use them in such answers as seem
to warrant them.

I very much believe (am convinced) that Nature contains
everything and is far more finely balanced than we realize.  WE
have the power (in our ignorance, usually) to disturb nature's
balances and doing this we create "Karma"  [ The mechanism for
the creation of karma is that our feelings, thoughts and
decisions, acts too, impose themselves on the "elemental lives"
which compose all things.  They, being impressed go out into
Nature and eventually return to us, either in this life or some
subsequent one, and bring the impairment back to us to deal with.
Of course if we harmonize with nature instead of an impairment,
we cause those components of Nature to grow and flower, and the
resultant "seed" that returns to us is an enhancement of our own
capacities to fine tune with nature even better. ]

I do not mean to sound as though I "knew everything."  I do not.
But I have found in Theosophy a system of search and work which
gives useful clues to all our surroundings.  Shall I hide this
for myself or shall I spread it around ?

Another friend detects this in me, and calls it "preaching."  and
I certainly do not like the sound of that.  So I will try to
modify my presentations.  I do not believe that any "quote" or
"book" says it all.  I do think that some of the ways in which
things are presented by wiser people than we are, can help. (Of
course, it is I who think they are "wiser.")

But, enough of this.  Thanks for your help.        Dal.

PS    I think when we post our comments they become the property
of all of us, and while they may deal with a specific idea, we
all read and use them, so we all ought to feel free to respond or
query what is offered.        D.

> Date: Sunday, June 14, 1998 11:17 AM
> From: "Annette Rivington" <>
> Subject: Re: No cost, no obligation

>Dear Dallas:
>I know this was directed at another, but I would like to
>For the first time since reading you I felt you the person.
>part of this is a female thing, wanting emotional connection,
>something to touch the soul, by which text quotes just don't cut

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