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Re: No cost, no obligation

Jun 15, 1998 04:46 PM
by Annette Rivington

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> I very much believe (am convinced) that Nature contains
> everything and is far more finely balanced than we realize.  WE
> have the power (in our ignorance, usually) to disturb nature's
> balances and doing this we create "Karma"  [ The mechanism for
> the creation of karma is that our feelings, thoughts and
> decisions, acts too, impose themselves on the "elemental lives"
> which compose all things.  They, being impressed go out into
> Nature and eventually return to us, either in this life or some
> subsequent one, and bring the impairment back to us to deal with.
> Of course if we harmonize with nature instead of an impairment,
> we cause those components of Nature to grow and flower, and the
> resultant "seed" that returns to us is an enhancement of our own
> capacities to fine tune with nature even better. ]
Dear Dallas:
Thanks for putting it that way and causing a flash for me.  I'd been
subsconsiously trying to put together some concepts on the power within
nature and couldn't get past the obvious physical things like cut down
too many trees - starve of oxygen, make extinct too many animals -
destroy the balance and possibly get over-run by killer bees, and why,
with all this negativity from human-kind doesn't nature just wither away
or go chaotic?
In your words I saw the tremendous power of love and tenacity of nature
to keep us alive, unconditionally.
Either that or some big hand keeps putting it back in balance as fast as
we screw it up :)

> Shall I hide this
> for myself or shall I spread it around ?
Spread it, spread it.  Tempus fugit.

> Another friend detects this in me, and calls it "preaching."  and
> I certainly do not like the sound of that.
Are you put off by the label, maybe?
Remember too that, except for (what you guys call the) Masters, often
our reaction is to the mirror of ourselves.
Kym put it nicely in her post.

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