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Overcoming hatred

Jun 15, 1998 04:28 PM
by Jake Jaqua

Thoa wrote in #214:

>You cannot hate something that you are not connected to.
>Therefore, because you hate, you are connected to what you hate.  What =
>hate in others   [is?]  What you hate in yourself.  Law of mathematics =
again.  We
>are saints.  We are demons.

       This is so very true!   If you want to escape something, you have =
to be indifferent to it.  Hatred is based on fear often (always?)   =
People get threatened on the inside and outside, and they tend to Hate =
what they are threatened by.  If you get stronger that what you are =
threatened by or come to terms with it, then you can afford to be =
indifferent.  Its a paradox though too, because you have affinities and =
adversions to just live!
            -  Jake  =20

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